Fully equipped 2014 EQUUS BASS770 at $250.000.

Complete black leather interior (alcantara® ceiling), A/C, GPS, radio/CD/DVD player, USB connector, tire pressure monitor, cruise control, airbags, Isofix... Specifications could be adapted depending on markets regulations.

OPTIONS: wheels, colored or chromed brake calipers, additional lamps, interior and/or exterior black chrome , engine cover, hifi enhancement... contact us for further details.

Enhance your fully equipped 2014 EQUUS BASS770 with elegant colorful interior SERIES, from $253,000.

Choose your color combination by travelling on
the timeline and click on the chosen one:
EQUUS BASS770 BESPOKE from $300,000.

Welcome to your very own world.

Here, you will be accompanied by a dedicated designer during a personalization program where your wildest fantasies will come true. Thanks to our worldwide network of finest craftsmen, artists and performance specialists, you will have access to unlimited power to make your BASS770 ownership a one in a lifetime experience. Extreme luxury refinement or lightness racing preparation, body enhancement or complete new design, vintage muscle look or contemporary artwork painting, unique body color and rare materials, … you name it. Become your dream.